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Comfort Zone February 27, 2022 Alternate Text

Change is uncomfortable before it’s comfortable. But what is the better option? 

Would you rather be coddled toward your death or stretched to save your life? 

Does it even need to be as boring as change or can it be as exciting as creation instead? 

If something new and spectacular is to happen, it is never within your comfort zone. It is always just outside of what you’re normally willing to do. Outside of comfort is where imagination and creation live. 

Procrastination and complacency are the names of those two lazy friends in your head that talk you out of playing the game of life and talk you into just being a spectator of others that are truly living. 

Creators are always in action and often stumbling while they’re learning but are always the ones that are fine with not feeling comfortable because they know it’s worth it. 

The best part is that when you aim to get busy on something that takes you out of your comfort zone, YOU get to choose what problem you want to tackle before a problem tackles you. That’s called creating life! 

The rest of those who would like to live a more comfortable existence are not devoid of problems. For them problems just appear to be things you need to get over, with no real reward or feeling of a WIN once you’ve dealt with them. That’s called surviving life. This is nowhere near as powerful or rewarding as creating life. 

Health, the most important problem you ever want to take control of – what better way to come at all of life’s pleasures than to have health already figured out? 

We don’t have a lifetime to spend on this but surely, we have 31 days. So then, which 31 days would they be, is the question. The answer is found in this statement:

“If you wanted to enjoy the fruits of a tree today, the best time to have planted it was 20 years ago. If you didn’t plant it then, what’s the second-best time? TODAY!”

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