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Dealing with Food Addiction Once and For All August 08, 2022 Alternate Text

Getting rid of food addiction or any other addiction is rooted in the understanding of the brain’s wiring and its ability to being rewired. 


This is what you call neuroscience. 


It is thought that a good life is a life of many pleasures. Happiness is often linked to pleasure. The reward for a job well done would have to be the pleasure associated with that reward but, pleasure is NOT happiness. 


“Suffering is the constant seeking of pleasure.”



Pleasure serves only to produce dopamine. What dopamine wants is more dopamine. It’s the molecule of wanting more but never having arrived at a destination. When you are always looking for that next hit, you’re trapped and frustrated by constant suffering. 


Never having gotten enough and in a perpetual loop = addiction.


The seeking of pleasure is not about seeking pleasure itself, but more about alleviating the suffering and pain that exists in the absence of pleasure. 


What does one do to solve this? 


Interruption is needed. Identifying the problem is easily done since we know that dopamine is involved. Creating a paradigm shift would be about training our minds to create peace over pleasure…thus rewiring. 


Steps to a new result would be to find joy within the challenge instead of wanting only the result and arriving at peace, which is the happiness within the process, that of being alive.

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