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Having It All July 16, 2022 Alternate Text

Are you feeling stuck? Does it feel like you are not living your best life because you feel less than your peak self? Now you start looking for places where you can make improvements in the hopes that things will fall into place for you. A great strategy but where do you start? 


To build the life you want needs to start from somewhere. You can enjoy an abundance of success if you can achieve physical, emotional, and spiritual alignment. 


Abundant success means that you are aware of, and fully experiencing your:


  • Joy
  • Peace
  • Vibrance
  • Rejuvenation
  • Influence
  • Physicality
  • Creativity 


Adding to these, you are deeply appreciated and valued. You feel comfortable, confident, and empowered in all your relationships in the communities of home, work, family, and friends. This also essentially includes the relationship you have with yourself. Let’s talk about this relationship particularly. 


Access to this abundance starts somewhere that will shock you when you hear it.  It’s not your mind, your bank account, or the love of that significant other. It’s not that dream job, material pleasure, or relaxing vacation. 


The starting point you have been looking for but could never quite put you finger on, has everything to do with your GUT health! It is the root, the anchor, the imperial ruler of your life and quality with which your life is lived. 


You do not live in the full potential of anything life truly has to offer if your gut flora and function are in disarray. In fact, you are fighting a silent fight within yourself to feel any small portion of these feelings and emotional states. 


It is a war between the good and bad flora and the one that wins is the one that is fed. The victor becomes the ruler of the gut and, if it’s not in proper balance, the mind falls prey and goes down a less than fulfilling path as a result.


Now it becomes evident that without realizing the root cause, you have been leading a life that may not be coming easy to you. You toil at 100% of your ability to reap only 50% returns. You keep company with states of emotion such as frustration, expectation, disappointment, anxiety, exhaustion, and possibly depression. Understand, it is not because you are weak. This is because your gut flora is not balanced, and your entire body can become chronically inflamed over time.


Although you may sense this and are experiencing autoimmune issues that may arise, you might not know what to do about it, hence the feeling of being stuck. 


Understanding that the gut is the first brain and carries such a dense cluster of neurons, it is no wonder that the state of your gut determines the state of your mind. The type of nourishment it provides for the entire body is the fuel the hormones use to balance the chemical processes that become your thoughts. You’d find yourself with a disproportionate number of negative thoughts and thus will live within those limiting boundaries. 

The relationship between gut flora and quality of life could not be more direct. It is every human being’s goal to know and understand how to create as well as keep this balance. It cannot be convoluted. We may not have the time or energy to do all the heavy lifting of educating ourselves on this topic. So, it needs to be a very short and simple plan to become a welcomed lifestyle shift.


Unraveling decades of imbalance does not take decades to undo. Tricking or forcing the body is only ever a temporary fix, costing you in the end by doing more damage than good and thus the perception of “quick” results was a big waste of time. Lifelong lasting results through applied knowledge, rejuvenating the body in only a month, without forcing or tricking it, would be considered lightning fast by any standard. APEX31 

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