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I Can’t Catch A Break January 31, 2022 Alternate Text

All the problems you face throughout life manifest from your own thoughts and how you react to them. 

That then exposes to yourself, and the rest of the world, your behaviour. The problem is that the rest of the world can see it, feel it, and respond to it while YOU are oblivious to it, which basically means you are along for the ride and don’t know how to get off it. 

This is how you were led down a path you thought you never asked for, but you unknowingly did. 

How does one break through this forcefield and set on a new path?

There are a couple of things that need to happen if you’re game. First, you need to be aware that you asked for all of it. If you deny this responsibility, there is no point in reading on. Blame the world, the universe, or God and continue living your current life. After all, better the devil you know than the unknown since not many embrace changes with bright eyes and exuberance. However, if you say, “Yes, I can see how I brought my current life to myself and I’m ready for something better”, I suggest you read on. 

Take a moment and attempt to see how what you think and how you react to that thought is based on what you know and how you have filed it in your mind for future reference. Rarely will this ever change because, let’s face it, you’re not looking to change it. If you don’t know or see the same situation from a different perspective, you can never have a different outcome. In other words, you need to be open to growth and allow yourself to become coachable so that new perspective can come to be and, possibly, alter your behaviour. People will see you differently. You will see YOU differently and that may then yield the results you are looking for. 

Try this experiment. Pick a subject matter or activity that you find annoying. Every time you think about doing it, you are not happy. Take for example, cleaning the place where you live. You might say, “I have to sweep up and wash the floors, clean the kitchen, and the washroom”. Not many would say they love doing chores around the house. But, what if you were able to put your mind in the state of gratitude?  What if your thoughts were changed by simply swapping out one word in that statement? Instead say, “I GET to” versus “I have to”. There is an instant swing in the thought process to any situation when you apply gratitude. It opens your eyes to seeing something differently. That one thing might be all you needed to create a world that you live in to a smile on your face all day long. Mood is everything. 

Since mood is everything, what affects your mood? Well, we have established that a shift in your thoughts have effect. But what about how you fuel your mind? 

The gut is the first brain. You may have heard such a statement in recent years because scientists are now aware of the impact gut flora has on the quality of all your bodily functions, including how you think. So, a second thing that needs to happen is creating balanced gut flora. Having the proper gut bacteria keeps the overgrowth of poor bacteria at bay. Balanced gut flora can bring about a more jovial and calmer you. It’s able to produce the right balance of hormonal and chemical secretions that would take someone out of a depressive state just as quickly as processed foods and sugars can put you into a depressive state. 

It is through the quality of our thoughts that we design our lives, and it is through the quality of our foods that we affect our thoughts. It only takes this awareness to trigger a positive action and get you moving in the best direction. 

Remember, mind, body, and soul are all in need of each other and, if one is off, they are all off. It takes the right plan to pull yourself out of a rabbit hole and correct any misdirection. Why not start with repairing your gut flora with the iHEALTHe® Wellness Reset Your Health Program and find that in only 31 days you are moving through life on your terms and in full control. Refreshing thought, isn’t it? 

Here’s one more thought: We don’t have time to waste because time waits for no one. We do, however, have an abundant life to live. Get started on the repair today and figure out the rest as you go.

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