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If a Little of Something Is Good, Does That Mean More Is Better? February 27, 2023 Alternate Text

This age-old question has greater implications in this era of excessiveness than ever before. Consider that all ecosystems within the body have natural checks and balances that are crucial for optimal performance. The notion that overdoing something is better than just the amount needed creates other unwanted problems. This is especially true in fad diets or weight loss programs. It ultimately boils down to finding the supreme balance for your hormones, gut flora, and nervous system. 


Therefore, the questions here really should be:

  • What would be the right amount of food intake and hydration, and from which sources?
  • How much or how little exercise is needed daily and what factors do these depend on?
  • How do I properly rest repair and rejuvenate so that I am always at my PEAK ready to take on the day looking great and feeling great?
  • Which program will give me all of this so that I am never guessing?


Almost every Champion that has completed the APEX31 Day Program have done some other kind of diet or program with some or no success in the past. Hearing from our Champions that APEX31 sounds to good to be true is very common for us until Day 32 arrives, and the “Aha” moment strikes! It is now understood by all that have put forth their effort into this program and followed it to a “T”, now realize that it’s not about how little they can eat and how much they can vigorously exercise. It’s not a mathematical equation as much as it is a chemistry project for your body. More of something isn’t as good as finding balance when it comes to the human body and its natural function. It knows what to do once it’s on the right path. APEX31.

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