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Relationship with Food October 17, 2022 Alternate Text

Thoughts by Angelo Vilardo, President iHEALTHe Wellness



Understanding Your Relationship with Food is the First Step to Success!


Food, as is with life, can be seen as a game of cause and effect. In life you take an action, which in turn is followed by a reaction. Food is very much the same. Your body will recognize ingested food as one of two types and then react accordingly. It’s either going to be nourishment, which behaves as a giver of life and continues the cycle of repair and rejuvenation; or your body views food as an inflammatory substance which it is then forced to deal with in the best way it knows how. 


Left unattended, inflammation eventually will reveal itself with telltale signs that you are not giving your body what it wants and needs to keep all systems in perfect order, to keep you vibrant, lean, and powerful. Instead, what it’s forced to do is to protect you from toxic processed versions of food you ingest that are devoid of usable nutrients. It does this very well, but only until it can’t anymore. What often follows are potentially serious autoimmune diseases. The list is long and unfortunate. 


Something needs to be done to reverse this, and fast. Every day that inflammation persists, the body oxidizes. Your organs, including skin, vascular system, brain, joints, and more, all age rapidly. Cell oxidation can be compared to the detrimental effects of rust on metal. 


We’ve all heard the term antioxidants. Well, guess what? They are found in foods. Good quality, nourishing foods. Know this, embarking on a program to simply lose “weight” isn’t good enough because weight loss without internal wellness is a waste of time and money and can quite frankly be dangerous! 


At iHEALTHe Wellness we have incredible results with fat loss, but it’s truly the way we approach wellness that creates those powerful results. We do this by addressing every and all aspects in one’s life that creates inflammation.  By addressing all and not just some of the causes of inflammation, it brings overall wellness to the body. By the time 31 Days have passed and the APEX31 Day Plan is completed, you will have learned why you were inflamed previously and why you now feel fantastic and, as many have said, “better than ever”. 


Your relationship with food has taken a new turn allowing you to view foods differently, therefore making you a leader of your own wellness.


It all begins with the iHEALTHe APEX31 Day Plan! What are YOU waiting for?

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