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Starvation & Fad Diets...What You Need To Know! April 03, 2023 Alternate Text

Did you know?

Starving yourself to lose weight creates more harm than good and that any results achieved are not sustainable.

The main problem is that you are missing out on essential nutrients. Crash or fad diets can be limited in the variety of food consumed and can lead to lowered essential nutrients.

With this flawed methodology, one can expect to experience many of these side effects:

  • a drop in blood pressure
  • faintness
  • weakness
  • dehydration
  • malfunctioning thyroid
  • lowing metabolism
  • stressed heart rate

These are all very serious side effects. Your body is adaptive and will signal your hormones to slow your fat burning to adjust for the lower calories. Therefore crash or fad diets would be counter productive, not to mention resulting in regaining back all the weight lost and more. Why?  Because when your body is low on energy due to starvation type diets, it may cause you to crave high-fat and high-sugar foods while burning less and storing more.

There is a proper way to melt body fat, so you are not starving and at the same time, you are creating a very happy body by supporting and not hurting glandular function, gut flora and the nervous system. The 31 Day program called APEX31. It’s easy to follow and will take you to your fat loss and wellness goals. This is truly the right and healthy way to massive and sustained results!

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