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Thought and Creation May 15, 2023 Alternate Text

Thought and Creation. How do we take a thought and make it a reality? A thought is conjured up within our mind and the reasons for being there are vast. They can originate from something inspiring, filling a need, avoiding danger, or planning a goal, along with every other conceivable reason we would ever have a thought come up. We take that thought and by adding a physical action, we work toward bringing that thought to life either alone or by encouraging and inspiring others to help. If you agree that this is how a simple thought powerfully manifests into our physical reality, ask yourself, what are you creating and more over, what gives one person’s thought more power to manifest into something than another’s? Is it fair to say ENERGY, CONVICTION, TENACITY?

What happens when you allow your energy to be knocked down and smothered by poor nutrition and toxins that are all around us? You feel like a lesser version of your once vibrant self. Thoughts come and thoughts go. Action is not taken because maybe you’re too tired or feel overwhelmed or maybe you simply chalk it up as the body just naturally aging.

I theorize that this is not the case. Full energy is once again attainable by addressing the two factors above – poor nutrition and toxins that bring about chronic inflammation. How do we affect these?

The APEX31 Day Program by iHEALTHe Wellness. By addressing these root causes, the body can Rest, Repair, and Rejuvenate itself rapidly. Our program is devised to give the human body access to resetting all the internal markers that boost your vibration through its innovative approach to internal wellness by using the systems our body already has built into it. The correct path to unleashing your inner healing abilities.

Since what you send out is what you get back, it makes sense that your energy, conviction, and tenacity determine the QUALITY of the reality you will experience.  Creating your reality, will be a product of your wellness. It then goes without saying that you would want your health and wellness to always be at its peak, it’s APEX!

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