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It’s amazing to think that food, the very thing that keeps you alive, can one day become the thing that is slowly trying to kill you. 

A body in harmony has things like balanced gut flora, balanced hormonal function, a calmed nervous system, a continually flushed lymphatic system, and an excellent ability to assimilate nutrients that top you up with energy without the need to add to your fat stores. 

A body in “dis-ease” has a gut overgrown with harmful bacteria and hormones that are over- or underproducing the delicate symphony of chemical reactions. This contributes to a frazzled nervous system that is constantly living in the state of “fight or flight”, a toxic and stagnant lymph system, and a digestive system that has trouble drawing nutrients even if with improved food choices. All these issues, as we know, merit a drastic compensation from your body known as “chronic and systemic inflammation”. It is this inflammation that needs addressing as FAST as humanly possible because the result of leaving it unaddressed is oxidative stress. That’s the equivalence of you rusting from the insides. Hence the need to put a stop to its rapid aging effects. 

Your body has been waiting ever so patiently for you to give it the nod, the OK, the “enough is enough” conversation and then … IT’S ON!

This amazing body of ours is lightning quick at initiating balance and repair. How quick is quick? When you cut your finger, does your body say, “I’ll get around to that tomorrow”, or is the repair under way instantly, which is as soon as you see blood come to the surface?

It is likened to a sprinter who is in position and poised to take off, full tilt, and launches into action at the firing of the starter pistol. That starter pistol is the APEX31 Day Plan. The moment you start it, your body takes off and the job of ridding yourself of inflammation and “dis-ease” couldn’t come any faster. With what else? A WHOLE lot of HEALTHY fat loss along with it.

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