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What is "YOU"? September 12, 2022 Alternate Text

Thoughts by Angelo Vilardo, President and Head Wellness Coach iHEALTHe Wellness



Let me examine... 


  • If you dropped a hammer and hit your toe, is that the job of a hammer? 
  • If your back is itchy in a spot you can’t reach but a nearby hammer was picked up and scratched that itch for you, is that the job of a hammer? 
  • What if a stack of papers were about to blow off a table but you used a hammer like a paper weight, is that the job of a hammer? 


So, what defines a hammer? Is it not a tool? A tool to be used in any way YOU see fit? It may have been designed to strike a nail or break off a piece of stone or possibly flatten some hot metal but it’s still a tool.  


So now here comes the big question – What is your mind? Is your mind YOU? 


  • If you pick up a rock and chose to throw it through a window, is that the YOU or your mind? 
  • If I said I’m going to eat nachos and wings and drink beer at midnight, or worse, I’m going to do harm to my body by smoking or doing drugs, is that YOU or your mind? 


Just as a hammer is a tool to be used by “YOU”, so too is the mind. The mind is fueled by emotion and responds to sensations and can do so recklessly if you allow it. If the mind is left alone to do what it wants, then “YOU” would merely be a passenger. Let that sink in for a moment. 


Think about this, if your mind is not “YOU” but instead a tool to be used, who’s using this tool? 


Do you know who “YOU” is?  We’ve established that “YOU” is not your mind since the mind is the tool.


It boils down to this – we have been given the gift of creation and thus have the ability to affect the world around us. If we leave the thoughts generated by our minds unchecked it can all go in a direction we never wanted. Simply “being aware” that we must always be in full control of the mind, our tool, we can achieve our best self. There are no mistakes, only understanding. 


Knowledge is not power. Action that derives from this knowledge is where the power lives! 


Take your current knowledge and get into action to live your most powerful life. This is done by using the TOOL called your mind instead of it using “YOU”. Make a plan. Design a version of you that you like and then TELL YOUR MIND WHAT TO DO. Monitor it to stay on track with this goal. DONT LEAVE IT ALONE UNTIL YOUR GOAL IS ACHIEVED.

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